Comment: dual citizens of Israel and United States

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dual citizens of Israel and United States

It's chilling to see just how long the list of government officials who are dual citizens of Israel and United States.
Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview

Kay Griggs speaks freely about the unimagined corruption and extent of the oppressive systems of deception within the leadership nexus of military intelligence with secret society internationalism. - this is part 4 of 4 parts.
It's pretty scary. Abuse, drugs, alchol, sexual deviancy, mind control, murder, violence... etc. Watch all four for jaw dropping revelations.

In one of the sessions she mentions visiting the Middle East section of the State Department... not one Arab, Muslim, Christian, American working in the Middle East department. Instead, it is controlled by Israelis. She claims that on the walls were pictures of nothing else but Israel and Zionism.