Comment: Seriously. I feel dumbfounded by some comments here.

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Seriously. I feel dumbfounded by some comments here.


Tom Woods is as much for anarchy as I am for socialist or communist collectivism :

not the tiniest bit for a nano second whatsoever.

What he merely denounced is this was fundamentally wrong to recklessly allow (out of inattention ? apathy ? complacence ?) the federal government to take over the states local governments in a top down fashion, thru the use of political force and perversion of the laws and a (still ongoing) biased interpretation of the original constitution.

The 16th and 17th amendments, and the Federal Reserve Act certainly played a great role in carrying out the final strikes of infamy against the foundations themselves, e.g., the section 10 of the founding text, now virtually completely forgotten or denied. Take your pick.

"To a thousand striking at the branches of evil, there is only one striking at the roots."

-- David Henry Thoreau

Ron Paul said it and wrote about it :

deception ALWAYS starts by betraying THE LANGUAGE, FIRST.

Re-read, if necessary, with CLOSE attention to what Dr. Ron Paul EXACTLY meant to warn us about (which was already happening for long) :

Thank you.


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