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see it how you want to

if you were just a little bit more intelligent you could see what exactly he is doing...why do you think ron paul never got anywhere but with staunch liberty minded people like you see on dp?? tho we love and admire dr. paul for his non compramising ways...rand saw another dont think this was discussed between them?? rand is in there gaining ground from much will he gain??? thats yet to be seen.

With ron spreading his message rand takes small steps to get what he can done from the inside!...has rand done anything but get right to work fighting for the same things his dad spoke of?? he sure did...why not support him?? till he shows us he really sold out?

If he really sold out...and really supported romney! how come he criticized romney for his foreign policy...rand is in there pushing issues that had nothing to do with romneys tell are we desperate?? he is the best thing we have inside and you are a fool to think the apple falls that far from the tree!

again...rand said he would support the GOP canidate no matter who it was!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!