Comment: Yes, I believe in both, of course.

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Yes, I believe in both, of course.

Yes, I believe in both, of course.

And the logical outcome is if everyone would not only expect these from others, but would also respect them for themselves, the odds of perverting the laws or betraying founding texts would be much lower.

We will always have crooks, thieves, and murderers. The only tenable role of the state is to protect the rights to individuals' freedoms, property, and their right to defend these and themselves against those criminals when encountered.

And that's all. Really, that is all. The state's role ought to be DIVORCED from ANY other social, moral, or economic outcome expected or advocated.

If I don't approve as an example what you do with your life, I still have no right to use force against you to follow my example instead. And I become immoral and corrupt if I try to have laws passed against you and to serve my interests or plans instead.

But if you directly try to steal my property or impair my freedoms from me, I expect the state to be on my side to defend these rights you are denying me.

What is so difficult to understand from the Bill of Rights (besides all the attempts to betray what it meant), within the bounds of the Constitution that enabled these 10 wise amendments ?

That's where I think people gets confused : confusing the harm done to intrinsic values of positive ideas betrayed via the language, by corrupt people, with the rationale for other ideas which are completely different and in total opposition with the formers, actually.

I'm not interested in endless abstract rhetorical arguments that socialists, for instance, affectionate so much.

To me, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the simplest that one can get by deriving the Golden Rule that free and peaceful men should defend at the core.

For natural, spontaneous order.


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