Comment: Do you support Israel? Watch this video

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Do you support Israel? Watch this video

This site is by Gilad Atzmon, a Jew born and raised in Israel, who has totally denounced his birthplace, and will blountly stat he is a British citizen. He is a musisician by trade, but follows and gives outspoken input on the plague of Zionism, which inhabits Palestine. This is for you onesquarelight, the lover of slaughtering innocent children for a mythical cause, named Zionism.

I myself, know both Christian and Muslim Palestinian's who's ancestries date back over a thousand years in Palestine. Both, who don't know each other, claim Christians and Muslims lived in peace, celebrated each others holidays, without any strife, up until the terrorist Zionist's came about the region. They still have relatives who refuse to leave, were the Christians state they are not bothered by the aleged terrorist group, Hamas, only by the Israeli Jews.