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The corruption is built in

The corruption is built in to the constitution, I believe that the constitution is unable to stop the creeping tyranny, after all it is just a piece of paper.

The constitution is enforced by philosophy and if the worst are drawn to government then the philosophy will be ineffective because the 'rulers' will not believe in the non-aggression principle. This is historical fact. I see nothing in the existing framework that will change anything.

As Ron Paul said we are looking for a revolution in philosophy (ideas).

Restoring the constitution to 1787 is just going back to the start line and the race will finish at the same place.

>>> For natural, spontaneous order.

For society to organize on a voluntaryist foundation we need the formation of spontaneous order. Spontaneous order comes from most of the actors in the society or flock or school to following a few simple rules.

Society needs to come to the non-aggression principle equally applied as the most important simple rule. The constitution is not a viable basis for the new society to form.