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As the World Turns

"I don't know why I had to get that out, exactly, but for now God is not done with my mom, but there is very little sand left in the top part of the hour glass."

Joe, thank you for sharing with me about your Nanna. You and she and your family have been on my mind as I struggle to answer you. She was a blessing, wasn't she. Someone to be thankful for and someone to love. Someone who was kind and helpful. Someone who did good, for goodness sake. Someone who you loved and someone who loved you.

Joe, are you able to trust Nanna into the Hands of the Righteous and Merciful Creator and Judge of the Universe? The Judge that does not look on the outward appearance, but upon the heart? Are you able to trust that He knew your Nanna’s heart? Joe, as far as I can know, I cannot know what someone does in their own heart unless they verbally tell me, and then I still cannot really know. How could we ever know about your Nanna? You cannot even really know about me.

"I don't know why I had to get that out, exactly, but for now God is not done with my mom, but there is very little sand left in the top part of the hour glass."

You are right: God is not done with you and your family and God is not done with me and my family as of yet. Praise be to God.

Would Satan want to use your Nanna to keep you from God or bring you to God? What would your Nanna say to you Joe?
I still want to talk to you more about your answers to me about my political questions if that is OK. The world has become a very complicated place for me as the layers of deceit have been exposed and you seem to be able to see thru the actors. I hope that you can continue to have patience with me. I have had a hard time understanding the changes in our discussion. I realize you have cleaned up a spot for me for my bookwork, but I cannot understand all of the purposes. Am I just supposed to go there and shut up and write? I cannot understand your expectations. I know you are not a dictator, so you will not tell me what to do, but I don't know what to do. So I've heard Ron Paul would say do what you want to do. That is fine if you are not working with another person. But it seems you might want me to do something, but I am having a hard time understanding what. You want me to write a book. Why? Is it to make use of the volumes of words that are exchanged? You mentioned there are volumes of texts to organize etc. Do you have ideas and then change ideas? That is fine too. I just want to understand.

People here on this website say there are ways China is Freer than the US. I cannot accept those words as truth. I can understand that Legal Criminals with names are making us pay for our demise and that they are causing wicked things to be done by perhaps non intending people in the US dressed in dessert camouflage . I understand that we, not you or me un-coerced, but we in the sense of being part of or controlled by a legal fiction are doing terrible things to innocent people around the world. And that nation of China who we are taught to think is evil may just put us in our place to protect those other nations…all pre-planned, I can understand. It is to becoming of a Christian lady to say things that are untrue. I must understand what is true. I gave the synopsis to Jeff…he sort of agreed about the whole China correcting the problem of the US premise.

“Even if common law, trial by jury, and a constitutional limited government is not perfect, at least it can be used by Friends of Liberty to know better, as to who is friend and who is not.”

And what happens when a Friend of Liberty runs into a foe in one of these situations? Will not the foe in a higher place of power cause the Friend of Liberty hurt? What is wrong with keeping a low profile? Will not Friends of Liberty find each other when necessary? Or what good is all of that stuff in a gulag system…where there are no rights and no friends?

Jeff has been sick this week. Had to go to the doc. The nurse before the nurse asked him if he wore his seatbelt as he drove to the doc. Whose business is it whether he wore his seatbelt? What was that all about? When the ask me I am going to say: “That is none of your business.” I wonder if I will get to see the Doc?

I keep you and yours in my prayers.