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Test edit

"Joe, are you able to trust Nanna into the Hands of the Righteous and Merciful Creator and Judge of the Universe?"

Honesty is a goal, a process, not a possession, not a thing, not a tool, it is a process, to me. I do not have the accurate answer to your question. I think I can answer by saying that I trust that good people earn goodness, because that makes sense to me.

"Would Satan want to use your Nanna to keep you from God or bring you to God? What would your Nanna say to you Joe?"

I can't answer that one accurately either, but I can say that living can be a lot better when good people help each other, and living can end too soon and end miserably when bad people do what they do so well.

"I hope that you can continue to have patience with me. I have had a hard time understanding the changes in our discussion."

Your book title is amazing, so know that I have a similar respect for our mutual association, which isn't anything more than a discussion, and now book ideas, and perhaps actual book publishing, who knows, not me.

My thinking on political economy is a process, and as new pieces (sortition, and common law just recently), my viewpoint adjusts to gain those added pieces to the chess game. It may seem like a foundation of sand, I suppose, but to me the moral foundation, DO NO HARM, is always used to look at any new piece, so as to check the new pieces for authority/validity/reason/accuracy/workability/etc. since life is a process.

Try to hold life down into a static THING, and what do you expect will happen?

I don't know if that last sentence makes sense to you, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

"I realize you have cleaned up a spot for me for my bookwork, but I cannot understand all of the purposes. Am I just supposed to go there and shut up and write?"

The holidays, and other things, divert man power, attention, focus, willpower, whatever, away from the book, for now, but already you have the best book title I've yet to read, it is the work of a genius, and you thought it up. Maybe someone else has thought up that title already too, but that does not matter so much as the power in it, the meanings contained in the title are almost self-explanatory, but not quite, and it might take at least a pamphlet, if not a large volume, to explain all the meaning contained in that one title.

"You want me to write a book. Why? Is it to make use of the volumes of words that are exchanged? You mentioned there are volumes of texts to organize etc. Do you have ideas and then change ideas? That is fine too. I just want to understand."

Authors of books are like wires and waves in the Network of Communications that exist between all these human beings, and if your version of things worth communicating does not "gain currency" because you hold back, then who benefits, and who pays the cost, if your version of things worth communicating are not communicated?

"People here on this website say there are ways China is Freer than the US. I cannot accept those words as truth."

How about looking at it from a relative scale for a person in China compared to a person in America?

America is being busted, we are having our power stolen, and our power is used to make us suffer more and more each day, for some of us, while others of us are actually part of that whole Legal Crime business, and they are growing richer (in Purchasing Power) each day.

China is being boomed, they are having their power invested, and their power is used to make more power, more power each day, for some of them, while others of them are having their power stolen so as to have their lives made more miserable each day.


" I gave the synopsis to Jeff…he sort of agreed about the whole China correcting the problem of the US premise."

Test for editing ability.

Neat, there is more than a little validity to the viewpoint.

"And what happens when a Friend of Liberty runs into a foe in one of these situations? Will not the foe in a higher place of power cause the Friend of Liberty hurt?"

What you mean to say, in context of a common law, limited constitution, might does not make right, viewpoint is "What happens if the criminals take over...?"

The answer is always the same: each individual has to figure out the answer and then get to work. Many good answers and ONE bad problem, or ONE bad problem and many non-answers.

"Or what good is all of that stuff in a gulag system…where there are no rights and no friends?"

You stopped reading Solzhenitsyn. Who would read our books?

There is a reason why Solzhenitsyn wrote the Gulag book.

Blowing the whistle.

"I keep you and yours in my prayers."

Thanks, it means a lot, I hope for my mom, the last bit of her life is not a bowl of cherries.