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Comment: If I hated Anarchists, I'd just watch them get destroyed.

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If I hated Anarchists, I'd just watch them get destroyed.

"He fails to explain how giving the most covetous of men the tool of a State monopoly on violence helps the situation"

A monopoly on force? Do you think you DON'T have the right to defend yourself, even against the police, and if not, is it really the states fault or the fault of your peers when you face a jury?

Do you understand how divided government works? If I was what you paint me as, I would want one police force, a national police force, controlled by a central government.

What an Anarchist wants is a free market of violence, and they can't explain why that is, but you can hear in their words as they shower people with ridicule and talk circles around justice, pretending the evils in human history can be blamed on government rather than what causes one person to choose violence to take what they covet.

Anarchists are Judas Goats and liars, and I love listening to them try and talk their way around what they can't acknowledge.

If you have a problem with who ends up in charge in a Constitutional Republic of elected representatives, just wait until you see who ends up in charge when you sell justice to the highest bidder in a free market of violence.

ROFL. You aint seen nothing yet Anarchist.