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His charts assume a constant

His charts assume a constant purchasing power for gold and silver.
For instance for gold, he uses present price equivalant of $1600/ounce and silver of $28/ounce. Thus for a present expenditure of $3000 monthly, one would need 1.88 ounces of gold per month or 107.1 ounces of silver per month to maintain the curent lifestyle.

Thus for one year expenses equivalent of $3000 per month in present dollar value, one would need 22.5 ounces of gold or 1285.7 ounces of silver. He assumes that regardless of fiat inflation the purchasing power for gold and silver will remain constant and neither increase nor decrease.

I have seen many other arguments that the purchasing power of gold and silver would actually increase during currency devaluation because of factors such as relative demand for hard currency increasing, paper claims curently traded exceeding actual physical bullion available, the continual degradation of ore grade of mining, paper market price supression, etc.

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