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I'm as consistent as the trade winds, and I as a Libertarian see Anarchists as WORTHLESS in the defense of liberty, because they try and blame the worlds evils on government. They don't know what it is that threatens our liberty or why somebody would CHOOSE to take another persons liberty with force.

They need to believe that liberty is what wins in a free market of violence, and how they can pull this off when surrounded by nothing but covetous people who use their vote like a fist is beyond me. They must really think people are stupid animals and retards.

Libertarians CONSISTENTLY stand with justice because they know were and how to serve justice, by defending liberty with force.

The worst part is, an Anarchist knows where justice starts, they love liberty, but when the rubber hits the road, the won't defend it. When the time comes to defend liberty with force, I have no doubt that they'll act surprised by mans violent and covetous nature, and then roll out what it was they actually wanted; and judging by their words, that's a tyranny bought and sold to the highest bidder in a free market of violence.