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Constitutional Convention & Conference of States-
The Effort to Dismantle Our Constitution:

JBS: Beware of Con-Cons

Study [from the Ford Foundation] Offers New U.S. Constitution:

secession or nullification are the only answers.. but a con-con cannot be adequately managed to protect individual liberty. the delegates would undoubtedly be compromised by those who already pull the strings in this country. so if you trust a rockefeller or rothschild to write you a new constitution.. go for it.

also: why does anyone give a damn about the 'union'? isn't it this "blessed union" that has promulgated the lions share of wholesale international theft, slavery and murder of human beings since it's inception?

wouldn't states have substantial self-interest in coming to the protection of another if defense from foreign invaders is an issue?

there would be no need to regulate (or to make regular) interstate commerce because the free market is perfectly capable of doing so.

if there were no federal government, would a man in arkansas stop being your brother because you live in vermont? or more importantly, why is he any more your brother than a man in Uzbekistan?

i'm curious why people are so adamant in maintaining what appears to be such an insidious institution.