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I did not say that a higher percentage of

self-described Christians opposed the public school system than atheists, THOSE ARE YOUR WORDS SO QUIT PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH. I said that the percentage of atheists who support public education was at least as great as the percentage of atheists who oppose public education. Please, report accurately. If you can't do that, then you have no argument. My statement that "many atheists oppose religious liberty..." was just that, a statement about atheists, not self described Christians. It is a sad fact that many of those of most religions, including atheists and variants of Christianity, oppose religious liberty.

"'Or are you going to try to convince us that a government controlled education, as long as they never support any particular religion (except, of course, atheism), is actually consistent with religious liberty?' --Yes, because once again you have demonstrated both of your lies in one statement."

The mere existence of government controlled education is antithetical to religious liberty. All libertarians understand this. It is simply impossible to teach ANY subject, even math or science, without imparting some sort of implicit value judgements. Thus, ALL education is, to a certain degree, religious indoctrination. Thus, there can be no freedom of religion (i.e. - thought) as long as there is no freedom of education. Your very narrow definition of religion ("a belief in one or more supreme beings...") is not, for me, expansive enough to include all modes of thought by all people. Freedom of religious belief can not exist without freedom of thought, and freedom of thought can not exist without freedom of education, and freedom of education cannot coexists with state interference.

I simply do not understand how you have the gall to call me a liar when it is simply that our definitions are different. I did not call you a liar, even though you tried to put words in my mouth. I certainly was not claiming that most self described Christians are more liberty oriented than most atheists. Seriously, you've got an attitude problem. By my definitions, I WAS an atheist. By my definitions, most atheists (and self-described Christians) DO oppose religious liberty. No lies, bro.