Comment: You're in college...

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You're in college... you don't have that much money right?

1.) Find out the tax situation in your state, if taxed you should find out what neighboring state or other state doesn't have the sales tax.

2.) Find a reputable coin dealer or several.

3.) buy a silver eagle and keep it in your pocket for a long time ($35-$40 FRN) more if you can't make it to a non-salestax state.

4.) buy a couple of junk-silver (pre-1965) coins and do the same. Carry them around instead of the eagle.

5.) repeat for various types maples, 1oz bars, etc... but don't carry a 5oz bar for gods sake.

6.) When/If you have money then you can contemplate the next steps: where to hide/keep, what to purchase, how to get it. All the details will work themselves out because you would have carried those coins in your pocket long enough to passively think it over.

-quiet engineer