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the calendar

works inversely with universe time.

The outer ring cycles first, which appears the slowest, and then carries on to every ring toward the center after each completion. As each ring appears to spin faster, the amount of time for the cycle to occur is the same. However, because the center rings are smaller, that have to rotate for a longer period during the same time. This is how it is inversely relative to the Universe.

In the beginning, all of known time expanded from the center, as 'new' time is made by the expansion of light, the 'old' time is measured proportionally. You see, the big bang represents the outer circle, the expanse of the universe is the center. In the beginning, time happened with a series of events, as time continues to expand, the cycles continue to change, which means with more time there will be more events.

Essentially, December 21 marks an end to a cyclical period of events, and it begins a new cycle.

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