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The battle has already been won.

We are just here to live out the reality of what is to come. NOTHING you or I say will change the outcome. The difference is I tend to move towards the higher vibration.

It is a shame Constantine's wife screwed with the bible(s) for her vanity. That bitch, damned mankind worse that the modern day charletons the average person calls a preacher/priest.

It IS, Just what it IS!

Belief(Faith) without harm to others is TRUTH!

Belief(Faith) with damnation towards others without FACT is a curse to those fostering the damnation. Faith has NO proveable FACT! Can you damn someone for not having faith if you cannot prove it with fact.

Can you damn FAITH with fact when there is no proof of fact. Not in this lifetime. It is all the same left/right fight.

If you cannot go within yourself and look/seek the truth all is lost. There are many on this site that will not make it. There are so many that will, for they have an open HEART! Notice I did not say mind. It will ALL be about LOVE. Not damnation, you believe/don't believe. All that is BS!

F&*k the church and find the TRUTH yourself. Quit being lazy for time is definately running out.

Since 1956 we have chosen to be here at this time to bring about the TRUTH/Turning. I trust the children born from 1985 until the present more than anything or anyone else. Bless the little ones born in the last three to four years for if the parents listen and don't screw them up we have a better chance to save many more of God's children(old and young).

They are true deliverer's of the message if you just listen! The BS is lost on them. ADD/ADHD is a designation given to god's children that WE fucked up and didn't listen to. We drugged them and God's message, screwed mankind and his children to never make it back to the kingdom. They have NO dis-ease. They see what we don't. We are DIS-EASED for WE didn't ask nor listen to them!

2012 is NOT the end of the world. It IS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!

It will take time but, as I have told many. There will be 7 spiritual zones on this earth. Many ARE going to die over time(very short) and disasters to come, that will make the last few seem a cake walk! I have told you here on the DP many times where it lies in our area. I will not repeat it again. Go if you can. Help others if you can't.

The next forty years are going to be very hard and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. I know forty years seems like a long time but DON'T believe that crap. The war has been won. We are just here to help the lost souls find themselves by being an individual. Why does someone need a government(church) created/sanctioned institution to guide them to heaven. We are only half way thru this episode.

Can you imagine being with the same people as yourself, I mean EXACTY like you for eternity. This is what you are looking at! This is what is called HELL on earth. Imagine being with someone that totally agrees with you 100% of the time. Imagine being with millions. This is DAMNATION!

Some of us are moving to another dimension. Some of us are not. The Mayan prophecy is all about the changes coming and either you are ready for the changes or you are not. Time is short and you must find out for yourself.

NO ONE, NO ONE can SAVE YOU. IF anyone tells you that they can or their way can, is a decietful con artist. ONLY YOU can find GOD! You just have to listen.

Not to me. I don't know dick! I only know salvation for myself. That is all that matters. It is an individual thing. Neither you nor I can save your children. Only they can save themselves. Free THEM to be God's child!

It is what it is!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.