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I dunno. The process is

I dunno. The process is entirely different. If an experiment is not repeatable or data doesn't support a hypothesis, the idea must be scrapped or modified. Further, a good theory in science must be able to make accurate predictions. Religion does not work this way. Information is taken up only which supports the dogma. Information to the contrary will be ignored or demonized. Their hypotheses are perpetually immovable, until the dogma becomes socially untenable and embarrassing, then the leaders will all of the sudden have a epiphany, spoken to them by god.

So, the process works exactly the opposite in science and religion. Further, science usually seeks to prove things through testing. Religion deals with something it's participants are all to happy to have unprovable. Religion seeks little new information except that which was laid out 2000 years ago. In the mean time, it interferes with inquiry when it feels threatened,