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Thanks, took your recommendation

.. and just watched it. Very good documentary, very revealing.

It clearly shows that the level of ignorance - caused by the deliberate brainwashing and exploitation of the public by the clergy, politicians, and mass media in the western world - is appalling.

After watching this (and fact checking it) one can definitely come away feeling sympathetic to those in Palestine - and around the world - who see that the modern Zionist Israeli government needs to be defeated at almost any cost.

My nephew was just here visiting from southeast Asia with his wife. We were commenting on the current situation in Gaza, and told us he has visited there.

His immediate impression?

"Oh yeah. Gaza is a prison. It's a big, open air prison surrounded by barbed wire, guard towers, armed troops and tanks. The conditions are subhuman"

Beyond any political or historic considerations - just by arriving in the place and standing in the street - he saw what it is:

A prison of an entire population of 1.5 to 2 million civilians, under almost complete poverty to the point of starvation, in a place where the buildings are falling down in ruins and there are bullet holes and shell damage all over the buildings left standing.

Add to the the political and historic reality:

That the entire situation was engineered by the elite minority in the Western powers a long time ago, systematically executed over decades to allow land and resources to be outright stolen through aggressive warfare, humiliation, and bloodshed, and ALL militarily, diplomatically and financially supported by the United States.

ie, paid for by the people of America.

There's really not a shadow of a doubt any of what the documentary exposes, or the truth of it. None.

And yet - as evidenced by the original post - as is typical, brainwashed Americans biased by religion, politics, and media completely fail on every level to recognize the truth of what is actually happening and why.

Completely and utterly blind and stupid imo.

PS: I was raised in a Jewish family on my Mom's side. I have 3 of my immediate family members who are strongly and unquestionably pro-Israel at almost any cost.

One of whom is my sister. Who perfectly typifies the modern American born again pro-Zionist to a T. The other two are my Mom and Aunt, who are Jews and closely identify with Israel as a "good" country that does overwhelming "good" in the world, and is almost always "good" and justified ... and must be defended at any cost.