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There are 3 major testings procedures

for Carbon dating, radioactive dating, etc.

In this case, aging the earth through Carbon Dating provides false positives. The quality of sample data is determined by the condition the sample is in. Rock layers that have been exposed will provide varying dates from rock layers that have not been exposed - which is why they take several samples from different parts to gain an understanding of range - then, they assess the accuracy of said sample by dating surrounding rock.. It's an inexact, exact science.

Again, carbon decay or half life is dependent on exposure to quantum behavior of particle mediums, thus, it is a combination of cosmos behavior and geographical setting, hence the extreme regard for known errors involved.

Dating the age of the universe is done by observing areas of quantum reaction which resemble origin behavior. When we look to the extent of the Universe, we see back to the beginning, this is because new space is being formed as the universe expands. The error in aging the galactic extents is naturally understood to be a flaw the light particles that wont stop moving.

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