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Speculations or learnings ?

"The constitution is not a viable basis for the new society to form."

In all sincerity, I have no idea if your statement is too strong and untenable or actually tenable. "God knows" is the simplest exit I can choose I suppose.

However, I'd argue that if we were only capable to get rid of the Federal Reserve system (as we tried again today to blow whistle against, here in San Francisco, just a handful of us) I do believe that we could significantly improve the situation :

1. towards a simpler, a more honest, restored notion of what money REALLY IS exactly (as history many times has shown us how important it was)


2. reduce the risks of moral hazard at the core of the various forms of wealth redistribution schemes we have today (facilitated, and by large, thru the manipulation of the money supply, in all times, with or without central planning a la collectivist)

I believe that in essence, at the deepest, the true roots of evil, or its lair, for the least, consisted in distracting and confusing the people so much, thru corrupt "representatives" who are nothing but parasitic rent seekers or cronies at best, so that the vast majority of the people ...


What ELSE FOR THE PERFECT THEFT can you think of, other than the one which consists, for the thief to CONFUSE THE VICTIM about THE IDENTITY AND/OR THE VALUE of the assets preyed upon ?

That's what central bankers or planners have always tried to perform. And have perverted laws enforce.

What ought to be the end of a "capitalist" that some secretly wish to become sounding like an insulting qualifier ?

In my view, the capitalist doesn't mean to create and develop his/her REAL wealth (i.e., the one EARNED) by and/or for oppressing others. No, instead, the capitalist is the one who does so TO SAVE for his/her own future and TO TRANSMIT to his/her legacy TO INVEST, THEIR TURN, in their lifetime.

Corruption always generates more of the same. And corruption starts with finding ways to steal the wealth of others instead of earning the same for oneself, thru work or invention. This is also called ENVY. Or rather, the logical result thereof. And those are universal.

Thus, the ultimate corruption is indeed, IMO, to confuse people about what is honest vs. dishonest wealth, earned vs. stolen, real money vs. debased currencies.

What can we expect central banks and/or their buddies to do, somewhere, thanks to the trillions of worthless paper (cotton) they print ? The exact same as those at the head of an authoritarian state have always done, with a different set of ideologies - collectivists (e.g., North Korea, among many other examples) :

they STACK ON the REAL, PORTABLE money, gold and silver, just in case their deception has to come to an end later and they find a way to get away with it. But the thing is : they ALL think in terms of their own present or reachable future, in their lifetimes. Selfishly or recklessly.

Maybe today's world would have turned out differently if Keynes' wife hadn't miscarried.

Maybe I am naive, but I believe it is much easier, more comfortable for anyone to become overwhelmingly and selfishly materialistic in the present (or reckless with wishful abstract thinking such as some convinced collectivist I call daydreamers), with no ACTUAL care whatsoever in the future of others (bad or good, either way), when one has no kids' future to worry about. I think it's another most regrettable dimension of the same sort of moral hazards.

Father of two, here, as you may have guessed.


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