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It's called "Herd immunity"

If the majority of the herd are vaccinated, you are correct, the few who are not are unlikely to acquire the disease the vaccine is intended to prevent. Hospitals, cannot mandate their patients become vaccinated so, they have no control over the "herd". Patients are part of the herd as well since helath care workers and patients are all in the same facility at one time.

I actually was working per diem at this company, Tri-Health through an agency and won't be returning as I did not receive my flu vaccine this year. I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati. I have not done so as I am having some other health issues and did not want to complicate my situation in any way on lab tests, developing even a mild response/reaction etc. Therefore, I am presently looking for another part time nursing job. Even though I teach nursing at a well known 4 year college, I am not making enough money to afford my standard of living without a second job. Nursing faculty do not make squat.