Comment: High inflation means dollar worthless!

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High inflation means dollar worthless!

Silver and gold will explode in price! I am waiting for my silver to be worth $1 Trillion dollars per oz soon. But this means $10,000 per gallon gas or more. During hyperinflation products will just be to expensive for people to purchase with FRN's. Commodities always track each other, except silver because of bankster manipulation. A crash in the dollar will end the manipulation for ever, and silver will explode past gold in price temporarily.

Buying silver is just a hedge against the current Federal Reserve system we have now. If you think the FED is doing a good job don't buy silver, you won't be happy until you sell it. I also buy silver because the banksters don't own it, they own gold. Silver right now is more rare than gold, according to the USGS we will run out in 20 years!

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