Comment: The NDAA provisions were just

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The NDAA provisions were just

The NDAA provisions were just one in a string of clearly unconstitutional acts of treason against the people. All that voted for (signed and defended) that bill are no less than traitors to the people of United States of America and their Duly ratified Constitution.
A little more K.I.S.S. on the NDAA and the many additional layers of treachery we must now begin to unravel from the federalist machine would go a long way in our movement here.

Rand is wrong to dance. NDAA provisions must be repealed. He will pay a greater price than he thinks if he continues. I will not forget soon what his timing did to the hard work and dollars put in by multitudes of us when he endorsed Romney early. Ron Paul in front of the nation for 15 minutes in Tampa would have put a real dent in the propaganda shield that has become what is called the "free" press in this country.

The corrupt agents of the media joke about it in a room we are paying for in this video ( )at time indexes 1:40 and repeated at 2:30.

We must not get caught up in the degrees of wrong here.
If it is not specifically authorized by the Constitution it must go.
One can not do evil for the cause of good. The ends do not justify the means in politics. No matter how he might self-justify, or we here try to reason away, Rand's current track is a losing one. I hope he wises up before it is too late.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.