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Comment: yea i know what you mean they

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yea i know what you mean they

yea i know what you mean
they only show 'walmart preppers' as they are called on other forums though, because no 'real' prepper would give away their 'op-sec' like that.
that being said i like watching the show, some people have really good ideas like the whole greenhouse and swimming pool with fish in it. others are just ridiculous like throwing broken glass on the floor. but i really dont like this 'prepper movement' thing that everyone says 'i was doing it before it was cool' or whatever like that.

i like the minimalist view of survival that duel survival shows. although both of the men have been doing that sort of thing for quite a while and have been trained to do so. if you havent read cody's books you should they are pretty good.

both are interesting shows, but if i were a prepper i wouldnt put it out there, i personally would just have some very basic camping gear and know how, and a group of people that i could trust with my life.