Comment: "But, you still chose to single out atheists....curious."

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"But, you still chose to single out atheists....curious."

I was not singling out atheists. The OP was trying to imply that evolutionists were in favor of religious liberty, while creationists were somehow not in favor of religious liberty. I thought that unfair and if you'll recall my original statement:

"There are many atheists who oppose religious liberty ..., as well as many self-described Christians who support absolute religious liberty." (Note -- "many" does not mean greater than 50% ["most" means that]. "Many" simply means "a large number". Get your facts straight)

That was honestly all I was saying. For some reason you thought I was attacking atheists or saying that they were less liberty inclined (religious wise and in other manners) than self described "Christians." You seem to have a persecution complex of sorts, which is not surprising, given some of the very harsh attacks on the character of atheists which appear on this site.

And as I stated (if you would read without jumping to conclusions about what I am trying to say), ALL education is religious indoctrination of a sort and to a certain extent, but it is NOT necessarily a restriction on religious liberty, IF it is freely chosen. Such free choice cannot be intact if there is state interference. I made the assumption that you were a libertarian because you were a user of the DP (my bad if it's not true), and I have yet to meet even one libertarian who thinks state sponsored education is consistent with religious liberty, including libertarian atheists. I go even further, in that my belief is that to have true absolute religious liberty, a state cannot even exist (think about the arguments over nativity scenes and plaques of the Ten Commandments on government property -- there can simply be no fair resolution to these conflicts if government property exists.)

"But, I will not withdraw my first accusation. If you don't even know what atheism is, how can you claim to have been one? Nope, that is a lie. Good try though."

I thought "atheism" was defined as "a lack of a belief in a supreme being." By that definition I was an atheist. For some reason you have added the requirement "and whose adherents NEVER think in an irrational manner." I think more people would accept my definition than yours, so I cannot be accused of "lying" by claiming that I was an atheist. I honestly believed my definition to be the generally most accepted one. Please, withdraw your accusation, and we can have peace.

Do you even know what my religious beliefs are, or are you simply lumping me in with your world view of "Christian" (belief in a "triune god"??)? Let me explain why I preface descriptions of various belief systems with the words "self-described." In my view, a "Christian" is somebody who is going to heaven if Jesus Christ turns out to be God. Now, that could literally apply to anyone even if they describe themselves as an "atheist," "Jew", "Muslim" etc. And it is certainly within the realm of possibility that someone who calls himself a "Christian" is not included in this definition. The fact is NOBODY can be certain who goes to heaven, and the Bible makes clear that NOBODY is supposed to make claims as to who is going to heaven and who is not. As offended as I am about (some) of the atheists I've encountered who are quite arrogant, I am more offended by "Christians" who wish non-Christians to burn in hell.

I think you misunderstood my intentions and beliefs from the start. Like I said, I think you have a persecution complex of sorts. Chill out, OK?