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I never claimed to be a perfect speller. Nor did I post claiming

to be in the top 1%, even humorously. That's the difference.

Spell Check will catch my spelling errors, if I bothered to use it. And I would use it, if I was writing an original piece instead of writing off the cuff as I am now.

You see, when you write an original post, even humorously as you did, based on taking a position of being hoity-toity, prim and proper, and superior to everyone else, good grammar is essential.

Did you notice anywhere else in my posts where I EVER corrected either grammar or spelling of other posters? No? Do you understand now WHY?

I also didn't go combing through your previous posts trying desperately and vindictively to find an error, with which I could justify my own. I have written some 2063 nodes. You found a few spelling errors in there? Congratulations! You had to go digging through the posts as they were not blatantly obvious in my index. And you could have, instead, wasted less time (34 minutes I see) and actually corrected YOUR original post. You can do that. It doesn't take much time. But I noticed you still didn't.

Are you chalking your petty vindictiveness up to drinking too?

Apparently you do a LOT of drinking.