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You have to take it, or else

You have to take it, or else what?

Is someone forcing you tto live in this country? To do business in this country? To have a job in this country? To remain a citizen of this country?

I also have an issue with this idea that a free market would pick the "best" money. The "free market", would precisely arrive in a system we have today....why do you think our current banking system is the way it is? Because liberals want to help poor people, or because the wealthy of elite of this country want it to be so?

The free market would pick the money that is best for the most powerful people. Who normally controls the money supply in this country? Do you thinks banks would want stable, full-reserve money?

The only way to change that is to have a better informed populace, or a more moral banking-class. Those things are independent of a the presence of government force.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


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