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there a couple of things about

the show that I dont particularly agree with. That is, Prepping isnt just about stuff to store or silver you stack. Its a mind-set. a true prepper wouldn't show their food storage on air for everyone to see. any prepper knows that big brother is always watching; secondly a prepper doesn't necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars either.

call it prepper porn on Nat Geo if you will.

if there is one thing a prepper is that you must Produce more than you Consume. As far as some of the scenes go I really did not see many preppers express any means of producing a good or service. some did and imo only those folks are gunna make it going forward. It sounds funny but many Americans do not produce much of anything these days, especially those collecting welfare. These are the groups of people you want to avoid as far as possible and yet, i find some of these wal-mart preppers live smack in the middle of these dangerous areas.

*I did find it interesting that with regards to an economic collapse, they said it is unlikely. yet with regards to WW3 their was no comment.

All i can tell you is Dual Survival was rather a more productive show with prepping and even then some of those episodes have their flaws.

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