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freedom is the answer

I agree with most of what you said.

I dont understand your points on capitalism. Just simplify by saying that moral actors provide goods or services in voluntary mutually beneficial exchanges. That sums up what I see as the way the laissez faire market works. Anything that gets in the way of those exchanges is bad.

What we have now is not a free market, dishonest money, excessive regulation, too many malum prohibitum laws, all remove freedom from the market.

Getting rid of the Fed and Honest money would be good.

Telling people they are being ripped off is good. Also pointing out that the state uses its ill gotten plunder to aggress against its own subjects and other people in other countries is important.

Sophistry is lying, a form of fraud, which is aggression against the target of the sophistry.

Stealing the wealth of people through debasing the money is aggression. Then on top of that using violence to keep you in their filthy game is even worse.

I lean towards an agorist approach on money. I would rather have an alternate money. I try as much as possible to use silver. I do not save in dollars but in silver. This removes my wealth from the banking system. This is good in two ways the obvious hedge against the depreciation built into the current money. Two it is a removal of resources from the banking system to work their debt financing.

Anything that would make it easier to move wealth into and out of silver would be good. You have to use the debased current money unfortunately.

Peace and Liberty