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"that utter nonsense of evolution"

I guess some people that have the limited ability to understand science find it easier to just rely on religion to explain things. They would not be the ones to get in a boat and sail around the world to show that the earth is indeed round. Just look around, clearly the stars and sun revolve around the earth, right?

When confronted with logic, just quote scriptures, then you can never be wrong. Everybody who doesn't believe in your god and the way you perceive the world is a fool, right?

Holbrook, you assume that because one believes in evolution, or science, that the person is atheist and doesn't believe in a higher force at all. That's a foolish and narrow minded assumption. Perhaps our idea of a 'maker' or 'god' is just not the same as your pompous idea of one.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose