Comment: THIS is why we care...

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THIS is why we care...

Let's say you're a biologist and you specialize in the study of bacteria. Say the bacteria that is now infecting and killing people in epidemic proportions. You must find out every single thing about this bacteria that you possibly can... how it survives, what medium it does best in, what its lifespan is, how to kill it.

If you're a geologist, you may be looking for precious metals, or oil, or water, or determining when the next earthquake will be, or the next volcanic eruption. To do your job, you need to learn every single thing you can about the earth, even if it doesn't seem directly relevant.

The most important aspect of geology is *TIME*. When did this happen, how long ago was this layer deposited, and when did that fault cut through it.

Geology is a very old science, and has been continuously refined for hundreds of years. While there still is refinement to be made, the dating of things has become quite reliable and *relatively* accurate. If you can determine the age of something that's 10,000 years old, within a few hundred years, that's an acceptable margin of error. If it's billions, within a few 10s of millions is doing great.

It's important to me to know what a candidate believes, because creationists show a lack of understanding of things, either because they are too lazy to study the science, or they are too dogmatic to believe science even when confronted with clear and logical evidence. While it may not rule the candidate out completely if he/she makes up for it otherwise, it's a big factor to me. It's an indication of their intelligence.

For the record, even though Ron Paul said in front of that group of evangelicals that evolution is a theory and he doesn't "accept it, as you know, a theory", I really believe that deep down he really believes it more than the literal biblical account, or the Adam & Eve fable.

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