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The Lord says to believe His Word!

When you stand before Almighty God in ALL your sin and shame, you who have denied the vey existence of the Most High God, you who have mocked His Word, you will be utterly speachless and in great fear!

You will then KNOW what He told you in the very Word of God is Truth!

It will be too late for you and all the foolish who say as you do.

You will be cast into eternal damnation for your unbelief and lies!

You will perish in your all your sins!

Hold to your foolish beliefs of man and foolish teachings of man who holds himself above God, and live as you will with the lie that there is nothing to fear, there is nothing or nobody to give an account to and that all is well.

God will have the last word when He judges you and pronounces sentence upon you and then cast you away from His very presence with all the unbelievers and mockers!

God tells you to repent of your sins and turn your heart to Him now, while it is still the day of salvation! Ask that He have mercy on you and save you in Christ Jesus name.

If you seek Him with all your heart, you will surely find Him.

When you take that last breath, your eternity will be sealed!

Do you really want to believe the UTTER FOOLISHNESS of the ungodly teachings of sinful man and face Almighty God on that soon coming day, standing GUILTY before Him?

Tomorrow may be too late for you, it will be too late for many on earth.

Time is short, Eternity is not!

I pray that there would be even just one here on this forum, that would come to the Truth and believe on Jesus Christ today and be saved!

I am now finished on this matter


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~