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With the older lady, that's

With the older lady, that's what happens I guess, they get set in their ways. Which is also why the high schools and young people you know are some of the best people to talk to (hence Ron's strategy).

Adam is much better now that things have calmed down. I guess that he got crushed by the movement and now he realized he needed to chill a bit. I might get crushed here, but I think the same thing will happen to Rand if he doesn't fix this problem of go along/get along establishment "play the game" crap. Hey, this is the Daily Ron Paul and we came here for principle. We made Rand, but some people in the movement just had things go to their head and took the bait. That's what happens I guess, but the full liberty movement will only support a stalwart stallion of liberty, not some go along get along muck work of mish mash.

No on all NDAA!
No on all wars!
No on all Internet reform!
No to the Federal Reserve Bank!
No on the Patriot Act!
No to the IRS!
No to anything that usurps the Constitution in any way!

Adam has come back down to earth a bit. I'm going into a rant here, but Rand needs to stand firm on the principles by renouncing his old ways in favor of his father's.

I hope it all works out, but things seem really fractured right now. This video from Adam might help. We need more cooperation.