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Comment: What's the motive behind a carefuly edited "man on the street"?

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What's the motive behind a carefuly edited "man on the street"?

I can't stand this kind of "interview on the street". What's the real point of it, because to me it looks like the point is to foster a culture of hate? Kokesh is trying to make audience (you and I) feel superior, and get us to laugh at all the people he wants to teach us to hate.

Yes, hate "consumers", those evil evil consumers. (STOP BREATHING YOU WORTHLESS CONSUMER!)

-Would he begrudge them if Walmart was selling gold and silver on the cheap because it was mined by slave labor?

-Are they stupid for recognizing value and spending their money as they choose?

Whether it's Jay Leno or some foulmouthed Anarchist, it's all the same methodology, and it shows how screwed we are. It's all about getting the audience to believe that they're surrounded by retards; something less than them, something you should hate and ridicule.

It's sad that it's so successful within the liberty movement. Whenever I see it, I know that liberty just died a little.

Adam Kokesh should just stop pretending that he gives a damn about anybody. If he did, he wouldn't go to so much trouble trying to make them look like crap.

Hey I know, instead of interviews on the street, maybe he should stand in front of a Walmart, and throw handfuls of chimp feces at people?