Comment: the American Dream

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the American Dream

... just don't pay any attention to the hypocrisy, evil, and horrors being conducted "over there" supposedly to support that dream... and whatever you do don't think about the men and women returning from those horrors "over there" who are confronted with the sheer indifference of all the sheople back in the "Homeland" and are committing suicide at extremely alarming rates. Knowing that Adam K is a veteran of Iraq makes this collection of interviews ... even more disturbing. Imagine the emotions going through his head as these sheople make complete fools of themselves. They are America today: ill-informed, dumbed down through public education and media messaging, literally brain-damaged through fluoride bromide and mercury, the product of increasingly fractured families by design, weakened by long-term sterilants such as bpa and gmo corn, avoiding facing up to the many many war crimes conducted supposedly to "keep us safe".

Outstanding work, AK.