Comment: Hey! I have that t-shirt too.

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Hey! I have that t-shirt too.

Hey! I have that t-shirt too. Except, I took the help, the SS, the medicare, the food stamps etc. Hell, I busted my butt my entire life until I became disabled, so I earned it. Watch out for the IRS though. Should you decide to take the SS they will attach your measly income for what they perceive you owe them. They did the same to me when I became disabled. All of a sudden, they decided I owed taxes on income I'd never made. Apparently, judging from the same thing happening to you, its a racket they've devised to soak you one more time for money since they know you won't be earning anymore in the future.

With all that said, I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. It sounds like you're a strong person though, so I know you'll persevere. Take care of yourself and live the best you can. All we have is today.

Blessings )o(