Comment: You remind me of my father

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You remind me of my father

He was hunted down by the irs for money they say he owed but it was all lies. He was the 1% in his job as a stock broker until his disability claimed him and set him in a wheelchair. In order to dodge them he spent his money lavishly so it could not be taken away from his account. By the time they got the hounds off him, he had spent himself into ruin, taking his family down with him.

You sound much wiser than my father though. He clung too much to the past and failed to see the gift he had of his family, it wreaked havoc on his ego to not be that big important person he used to be. If only he had the sense you had that at the end of our days we all return to dust, maybe he wouldnt have been so bitter in the last days of his life.

You are suffering a lot and I can relate. Love your family to the best of your ability every day and have peace in your heart knowing that that love is enough. Dont cling to anything of this world when that time is upon you. Dont cling to titles and wordly possesions. They will consume you. Whatever money you have in your pocket when you die, you will die a free man because of the strength of your spirit.

God bless, smudge pot