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There are quite a few

There are quite a few problems with your arguments. I don't have time to address them all, but I'll take the major ones.

You list objects created by a more complex being. Pencils, watches, whatever. Evolution does not work in that way. Evolution actually creates more complicated beings, so your analogy is bad...not to mention the obvious infinite logical regression of "if everything needs a creator, who or what created the creator?" The second MAJOR and all too common misunderstanding about evolution is that it is a process of chance. It is NOT RANDOM CHANCE! The process is the opposite of chance. Third, what do you know of eternity? You speak of things as if they are definite truth and you have zero evidence. I could claim that there is a little green bean between far off galaxies that loves dogs and gives them eternal life and wants us to eat more carrots. If I say it with enough certainty and teach my children who are not yet old enough to control their bowels, and I scare enough people into believing it, and if I amass enough money, I could have millions of people vehemently claiming it is true. The green bean talks to them and guides them. If you do not accept the divinity of the green bean, you are going to die forever. Prove me wrong.