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Lady I am sorry. But this time the fight is different.

Lady, first of all honor to your father. He fought a battle in a time when we had to battle alone. Now we have other tools at our disposal.

Honest? If the IRS comes and takes my sleeping bag I'm gonna have a battery of videographers and I'm gonna yell and scream and cry and hon, dig, what are they gonna do? Kill me? LOLS. Hey the worst they can do to me is give me some degree, ANY DEGREE OF MEDICAL CARE IS MORE THAN I GET NOW and I'm told there are such things as mattresses with blankets. Sounds OK to me.

Maybe there are such things as windows. Maybe the sun shines in those windows some place. What seems obvious is that the only people that are really there are those who truly want to be there and that would be CO's, Corrections Officers and jailers. Those are the people who truly seem to want to be in jail. They want to be there so much that they voluntarily wake up in the morning and buy gas and put themselves in jail.

Tell me if I'm wrong but most other people in jail want to get out but these people can't wait to get in.

As far as worldly possessions, a whole bunch of predetermined things happen when I die. Certain responsibilities shift, certain possessions will be taken quickly and rededicated. That will happen before anybody generally knows I died. There are certain properties which I don't really own and it's imperative these be recovered.

It's said that living well is the best revenge and I must stand and be grateful before all people, I am very fortunate. I have brothers that love me and listen and we are building businesses. I'm trying to do the managerial thing which is basically working by proxy. How do I know who to hire? I hire the young men that remind me of me: balls to the walls sick work animals that want to master every trade like they want to be me some day. And it's working. These guys are having kids. They are building families. Legacy? No problem. It's all going to plan.

In one aspect the plan has room for me. And to counter my one greatest fear. It's said everybody has a great fear. My great fear is to die alone and not in the presence of my people who will activate the various promises. It's synonymous to me with dying of thirst and nobody to bring me a drink of water. If I die alone something has gone very wrong.

I guess the best insurance I have is friends. And picking out the ones I will spend the rest of my energies on.

It's not such a bad thing to be a Smudge Pot. So the stories I will tell I think will be called There Is Still A Mountain.

And it will be published as fiction.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.