Comment: Is that now our fight? A war on consumers?

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Is that now our fight? A war on consumers?

Should they NOT be able to spend their money or use credit? I thought he was for economic freedom? He's an Anarchist who preaches the non-aggression principle. He should have no problem with people spending their money or using credit, and I have no doubt he's not there because what they're buying is low quality, something that "won't last past next Black Friday".

He should LOVE slave goods because as an Anarchist he won't serve justice. In his economy, slave goods will flow freely because he won't initiate force to stop it.

Does Adam Kokesh want Walmart to acknowledge Christmas more?

No. He'd rather nobody ever say the word Christ again. He's an Atheist who thinks Christians are insane, that we don't posses the ability to reason or use logic. This is him using the Walmart crowd to paint Christmas in the most ugly light possible.

Is he fighting against illegal aliens?

No. He's an Anarchist who blames everything on government force, and securing the borders is what a government does with force.

The only entitlement I want from the government is Justice when the situation is too big for me to handle, like this situation, slave goods flowing into our country freely, and if our government serves justice, it would block all goods coming from China.

It's a matter of protecting our liberty. Productive labor can't compete with slaves in a free market. This is an economic war being waged on our labor force, and the place to fight it is not a Walmart parking lot, it's our borders. The only thing you'll do in a Walmart parking lot is attack people and maybe destroy the building.

Maybe that's what Adam REALLY wants, to see people attacked, to see the buildings destroyed, but he's too big a coward to do it himself?

Maybe as an Anarchist what he really wants is see a mob do what he won't? That's what Anarchists do ya know, it's what they're ALL about, destroying, and they like to use people as their instruments of destruction.