Comment: And Obama sits back and has his Gestapo

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And Obama sits back and has his Gestapo

put in some over time. These guys need to be looking into the camera and say This is a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE that the Feds have a Schedule 1 rating on, meaning NO MEDICINAL VALUE & HIGHLY ADDICTIVE yet filed for and received a PATENT for its Medicinal Use AND the Feds GROW AND SHIP WEED TO THAT Mr. ROSENFELD since the 80'S!!

Fact..the very same Feds are playing the game from 3 different is it that a Lawyer thats worth their salt NEVER brings up this stuff?? They have it a Schedule 1 AND they have a patent since 2003 for its MEDICINAL EXTRACTS. CONFLICTING! then add the fact that the Feds GROW & SHIP MEDICAL CANNABIS to 2 patience who are the only ones alive from the 80's! The Feds roll up a couple hundred joints puts them in a round tin and ships them out!! THIS IS STILL GOING ON! Why cant a a GOOD LAWYER bring this to trial and WIN EVERYTIME!! has never been done. What jury or judge could look at these facts and not find in favor of those having their Liberties stripped a way from them??

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE