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You just keep hating on Walmart shoppers and see what happens

"Actually the nonaggression principle would alleviate "slave" labor."

Only if people gave a damn about the words that come out of an Anarchists mouth, and they don't. The non-aggression principle doesn't matter to them. They CHOOSE to use force to take what they covet, and people want slave labor.

Like I've said many times, "liberty" is not what wins in the free market. Slavery is what people want, and slavery is what they'll get. I think that's WELL demonstrated by WalMart.

People would buy child slaves if Walmart was offering them, and your non-aggression principle would stand there watching it happen. Maybe that's what Adam Kokesh actually wants; a free market of violence and slavery?

"Nobody's STOPPING economic freedom"

I'm not an Anarchist. I'd be more than happy to interfere with economic freedom when we have to abide Walmarts selling slave goods. Justice SHOULD play a roll in a free market because the free market wants to offer slavery, and people are always ready to buy.

But still, you won't find me in a Walmart parking lot trying to make people look stupid. If anything, that would make the problem worse, and encourage people just say screw it; these people deserve to die and be taken as slaves.

"Any beef KOKESH has, is likely ORGANIZED religion and NOT Christ."

Sure he does. He never misses an opportunity to mock faith, and here he is, standing in a Walmart parking lot mocking Christmas shoppers.

He's an Atheist who has a problem with all people of faith. He thinks people of faith are insane, that they don't have the ability to reason or use logic like him. He calls people stupid sheep, mocking God and faith, and then thinks he's going to be a politician representing me as an American. (Nice thinking. Good logic.)

Nobody who sees you as a soulless animal should take part in any serious decision making.