Comment: I am also outraged

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I am also outraged

I share your feelings. America is being (has been) taken from honest Americans, and most don't even realize it, or seem to care.
The drone attack issue is another of those I feel personal outrage over.

I have shown this to some, who still defend the government afterward. Their own liberties haven’t been infringed yet. Just because they don’t want to buy a drink larger than 32 ounces, they don't see a law against it as hurting anyone important. I suppose this is true for the vast majority of Americans. Until they get stepped on directly, they will never wake up.

I fear the next false flag will be a "Red Dawn". I can't image anything that would galvanize the country faster, and keep people from seeing the truth. Even sleeping Americans are getting tired of this "war on terror".
The hypocrisy of America is displayed in the “war on drugs”. Many people accept that since they personally believe that “drugs” are “immoral”. Many of those same people drink themselves into a coma each night, but, that’s ok, since it’s legal.

Just open the box and see