Comment: the bankers already own

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the bankers already own

everything that is financed
if a default or collapse happens,the ones
who owe them money will lose everything they own
we use THEIR debt instrument (fiat) they just let us borrow
it from them,with interest of course,
the ones who have their money,say in a bank or otherwise
will lose that too(it will be worthless)
the money is debt,we live in a debt based society,we finance the debt
we are the debt(on paper or computer program)
they can do what they want with what is theirs,and they will
debt will not go away,as long as the fed res,the IRS and the
fed gov uses debt bases funds
apparently we don't even have a way of discharging it anymore
so we cannot default or collapse,but they(the banksters can and do)
all they do is shift their debt to us for collateral
this is just my opinion,but seems to be their MO

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence