Comment: i met a man years back

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i met a man years back

in a chat room for freedom
this man spoke the same way,and yes used to bring a
tear or two
this man spoke as if he was huge,and in my eyes he was
used to call him my brother,and was so proud to know him
so happy to see the monicker (oyate) in the room
this man left,and i thought he died,you see he was also sick
but this didn't seem to matter nor hold him down
he often times made me feel better,not because he was worse off,or i perceived he was,but because,every day he worked for his family
and was happy to have and to do so
the stories i was told are still with me,like i was actually a part of it
i often wondered where he went,or if he was unfortunate to be among the living
for a while it was great to matter,when friends leave, life just doesn't so important or worthwhile,the things held at bay come creeping back in,and seem to have to make for lost time
is this man you? (oyate)

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression