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Comment: You have options

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You have options

Any non government loans you have will be adjustable rate. These are scary. Pay them off. They will max out on interest rates before any currency collapse happens. Get a second job if you must. Get rid of credit card debt.
My thinking is government student loans are ok. These are fixed interest loans and if you borrowed money any time in the last 10 years they are probably already negative interest relative to the CPI. Though maybe not relative to your salary... but even so if you keep your job through the collapse you may benefit-- if your salary increases at half the rate of inflation during the collapse, eventually that will be greater than the 2-4% interest on your gov student loan. but you still have to pay off the principal, especially as these loans cannot be bankrupted.
Have some savings in gold/silver for worst case.
If you are not risk averse and are certain of currency collapse build up a portfolio shorting treasuries. Dont day trade, just put your money in TBT or similar ETF and plan on using this in ten years and you cant lose. These may go down in the near term but on the ten year time scale are guaranteed to make a killing (if they open the market to pay you after the collapse) or at least pay back at a higher interest rate than most investments.