Comment: Meaningless Debate

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Meaningless Debate

The debate between Science and Religion is meaningless. The science is only concerned with the mechanism of the universe.
Presumably, if your digging a hole, and God decides then that you should find a dinosaur bone, you will find one that science says is a million (or more) years old. Why would God break the rules of his own universe? Of course he could, at will.
To ignore the science, and say "God did it" is analogous (in my opinion) to saying "the drone war is just since the government is doing it" (I have actually heard that from someone).

Science is right. But, so is Religion. I see no inconsistency with discovering the science behind the mechanism, always realizing that God wouldn’t be constrained by any "physical law" we determine. These are the rules humans live by, not God.

To ignore them is to ignore what God wrote (ie. the universe), in favor of an opinion of what God thinks. To say "God did it, period" is to shut down any debate.
Science can only be debated on its own rules. It’s simply the discovery of the mechanism humans exist in. Whether God “wrote” the universe or not is meaningless to Science.

Just open the box and see