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This is hardly worth a passing comment, let alone a thread that creates a gigantic debate. I mean, really?

I don't know, either! Nobody does! Science can tell us, based on limited observations, how old it likely is, but that's about it. The fact is, the creation of the universe can't be tested over and over, so we really don't have any true idea.

Personally, I'm inclined to believe that the Earth is pretty freaking old (billions of years) based on my very limited knowledge of science, but I'm willing to listen to those who believe in a young Earth without writing them off as loons. You should be better than smearing a person for being honest about his lack of knowledge. YOU, BugMan, have no idea how old the Earth is, either - you only know scientists' guesses, which, as history has shown, are certainly not set-in-stone facts. It is YOU, BugMan, who are making a fool of yourself by placing yourself on a pedestal and arrogantly pretending that you know the unknowable. At least Rubio - unlike YOU - had the humility to admit that he doesn't know.

I am not a fan of Rubio by any means, but this is just petty and far below what I expected from the Daily Paul. Criticize him for his policies, not for his personal beliefs and his human limitations.