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My short list

-Arrested the entire Maryland state legislature for fear they would vote to secede.
-Blockaded the southern States - an act of war.
-Suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus
-called up 75000 soldiers without consent of congress.
-called for the arrest of Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney
-Imprisoned more than 13000 northerners without warrant, tried in military courts.

Lincoln was a one term congressman during the Polk administration. He agreed to a one-term limit and stepped down following. During his brief stay - the Mexican War occurred. Lincoln was perhaps the most passionate anti-war congressman, saying things like:

-"The blood of this war... is crying to Heaven against [Polk]."
-Throughout History, rulers "have always been impoverishing their people in wars, pretending that the good of the people was the object."
-"No one man should have the power to bring oppression upon us... [Polk now stands] where kings have always stood."