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Comment: don't let Wilson off the hook.

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don't let Wilson off the hook.

imo Wilson is the worst simply because of his role as chair of the Paris Peace Talks following ww1. The world rejoiced the 14 pts - and Wilson crumbled under the pressure and approved the unjust Treaty of Versailles. This treaty led directly to WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, China becoming communist and the entire Israeli-Palestine conflict. I can go into detail (Ho Chi Minh was actually present as a representative of French controlled Vietnam - he wanted to read from the French Rights of Man and the US Declaration of Independence as reason why vietnam should become autonomous. He was told that they could read that on their own and to run along. He was bitter - and like China - was finished looking to the West, and began looking to the new system of the North - Communism.)

with all that blood on his hands - together with Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Act... my worst president.

My best presidents?
Martin Van Buren
Grover Cleveland
John Tyler